Katherine McNamara Hungary

Katherine McNamara Hungary

The Mortal Cup HT Bristol, Charlie Bannister – Bring me back to Life
Diplo – Revolution
Ruelle – Monsters
Jess Penner – Don’t Come Over
Extreme Music – Deez Nuts
Shadowhunters Cast – Forever Young
Extreme Music – Love Disease
Extreme Music – Sweatin Out the Toxins 
The Prototypes – Redose

The Descent Into Hell isn’t Easy
Marz Ferrer – Street Clothes
Ruelle – This is the Hunt
Basecamp – Emmanuel 
Extreme Music – Maced In Space
Desoto Jones – Great Disaster

Dead Man’s Party
 Honora – Tearing Us Apart
Kids and Chemicals – Fog
Mr. Jigga – Garage Party
Elizaveta – Trap
Layla – Indigo Puff
Sundara Karma – Indigo Puff

Raising Hell
Dead Right – Brand New
Extreme Music – Practice Practice
N3XTST3P – Man vs. Machine

Moo Shu To Go
Royal Philharmonic orchestra & Jonathan Carney – Brandenburg Concerto
Fleurie – Soldier

Of Man and Angels
 Ruelle – Where do we go from Here?

Major Arcana
 Ruelle – Storm

Bad Blood
 Fleurie – Hurts Like Hell

Rise Up
APM Music – Start ‘Em Up
Andrew Judah – Who Am I

The World Inverted
Before The Brave – Free
Extreme Music – Light Comes Back
APM Music Library – Big Band Swing 
Circuit Shaker – Get Up and Glow
Alice Boman – Skiss 2
APM – Scoop

Blood Calls To Blood
 PVRIS – Eyelids

Type 3 Vampires – The Right Way 
Mas YSA – Arrows 
Extreme Music – Air on the G String 
Ruelle – War of Hearts 

Morning Star
 Ruelle – Bad Dream