Katherine McNamara Hungary

Katherine McNamara Hungary

The Guilty Blood
Hidden Citizens – Silent Running
Ruelle – This is The Hunt
Sam Tinnesz – Heart Of Darkness
The Rigs – Battle for Your Life

Robin Loxley & Wolfgang Black – Only Human
Fire Riddim
Peter Bradley Adams – Hey Believers
Certifield Air Raid Material
Geoff Zanelli – The Fright Before
SVRCINA – Battlefield
Boris Nonte – Want it All
Dexter French – Far Beyond
Battling Go-Go Yubari in Downtown L.A.
Sierra Deaton – Murmurs
Pierre Arrachart – Buddha’s Light
A Door Into The Dark
Billie Marten – Bird 
Scoreganics – Poison Chalice 
Don Brodka – Poison Chalice
Knife Party & Tom Morello – Battle Sirens
Martin Gibson – Sitar Source
Majik – Save Me
Janine The Machine – Animal
 Cronos Titan – Poison Chalice
Parabatai Lost
Junip – Howl
Danica Dora – I Don’t Wanna Leave Ya
Fort Frances – Building a Wall
Day Of Wrath
Allman Brown – Between The Wars
APM Music – A World of Luxury 
Dust and Shadows
Faux Tales – Metanoia
Skyler Grey – Straight Shooter
Cloves – Don’t Forget About Me
Iron Sisters
Outsider – Late Night Radio
Dutch Party – Echo Girl
Liam O’Donnell – LifeBoat
Max Jury – Standing on My Own
How Are Thou Fallen
Leisure – Got It Bad
Wages – Rattlesnake
Faces on Film – Strange Stars
GRMLN – 27 Kids
The Blah Blah Blahs – All the Right Moves
Tiny Deaths – Ever
Extreme Music – Brick & Mortar
Ed Tullett & Novo Amor – Faux
Love Is a Devil
Vahagni – Joni
Vahagni – La Pri
APM – Andalusian Dream
David Savcic – Fiesta Gitana
Eclecto Hijinx Orchestra – Mascara
Series – Senorita Swing
 Birthday – Blood Rose
Bound by Blood
Earth Dropwood – Forever
Chris Hodges – Demented Clown
Verses – Why
Talos – In Time
By the Light of Dawn
High Highs – Movement
N3XTST3P – Sun Light
CryWolf – Rising, Rising

Mea Maxima Culpa

Area – Magnusthemagnus
Patterns – Jonathan Byron Belanger
We’re lost – Roscoe Williamson
Here&Now – Dresses
Too Late – Candace Sciarra
You are Not Your Own Marathon – Francis
Anotler Love – N.Lannon
Love to Hate it – Off bloom
Waves – Dean Lewis
Those of Demon Blood Rebel Babe – Kingswood
I’ll Remember – Emi Secrest
Small Problems – The Bulls
Sleeptalking – Evan Geesman
Live on Love – Rad Planet
Fragile World – Alberto Rosende
Out of the Shadows – Boris Nonte

The Fair Folk
Under Attack – Amy Stroup
The Other Side – Ruelle
Hold Your Breath – Ruelle

A Problem Of Memory
Loudy – Lewis Del Mar
Love Surrounds You – Ramsey
Swag Queen – Extreme

Day Of Atonement
Four Walls – Bastille
Anchor – Novo Amor
Upstairs Room – Paul Cook

A Dark Reflection
Stronger – Proper Gentlemen
Royal Blue – Alberto Rosende

Awake, Arise or be Forever Fallen
Wide Eyed – Billy Lockett
Where’s my love – Syml
Brave – Riley Pearce

Hail and Farewell
Deep End – Ruelle
Time Frame – Fractures
Unworthy – Vancouver Sleep Clinic
Recover – Ruelle

Beside still Water
Hurricane – Fleurie
Feed the Beast – Arizona
Ember – Katherine McNamara
Magic – Flor